About Us

About Sky Pharmacy

Sky Pharmacy is a humanitarian-based business that emerged from a team of healthcare providers who envisioned a patient-centric approach to healthcare at the lowest cost. The founders conceptualized and formulated a process to assist patients from pre to post-operative care including the affordable acquisition of medication, adherence to medication regimen, home delivery of medication, and other means for a healthier lifestyle and recovery. 

This is a process that provides patients with quality care at every step of their treatment, recovery, and even prevention. Care and concern for the patient are at the heart of this journey. Sky Pharmacy strives to be actively engaged in the provision and dispensing of medication as critical components of the process. Additionally, Sky Pharmacy has created a model demonstrating that their business is:

  • Meeting patients’ need for medication at the lowest cost
  • Patient-centric providing the best, high-quality medications at reasonable prices
  • Medical provider-centric ensuring that patients obtain excellent medical attention, are provided with the required medication and are under continuous observation for compliance with medication regimen. 
  • Community centric – supporting those who are unable to provide for themselves. 
  • Technologically friendly and efficient – engaging technology for optimizing the process without compromising compassion and care.

The founders of Sky Pharmacy systematically developed the business model through 2019-20 and scheduled a launch for early 2021. In February of 2021, Sky Pharm commenced operations. The business is adequately resourced in all areas. 

Sky Pharmacy is committed to quality patient care. This company continuously explores opportunities to collaborate with other sectors of the medical industry to elevate standards of healthcare and promote patient centricity in public and private care. Patients must receive competent care delivered with compassion.   

Anticipated outcomes include:

  • A renewed culture in the medical fraternity of “patients first.”
  • Reduced costs to patients through economies of scale
  • Seamless transitions from the prescription write-up to delivery of medication
  • Spirit of philanthropy endemic in operations
  • Good return on investment

Vision Statement

Through a focused and patient-centric approach we will be the primary and most economic dispenser of prescription medication in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mission Statement

Optimizing patient care by creating an efficient online pharmacy interface for medical practitioners, patients, and pharmacists.

Our Team

Anisha Rampersad

Administrative Manager/IT Specialist

Michelle Augustin


Reza Zenadeen Mohammed


Patrica Benjamin

Pharm Technician

Nankishore Ramoutar

Logistics Coordinator

Selene Vidya Seunath-Ali

Customer Care

Leigh-Ann Rampersad

Customer Care

Martin James

Customer Care